Gardener gift

Gardener gift

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Gardener gift

The perfect gift to treat someone who loves gardening

What's included?

  • Beautiful set of Joseph Bentley garden hand tools (cultivator and hand trowel).
  • Urban Honeybee Project honey (340g) harvested from the Christchurch Urban landscape.
  • Urban honeybee project bee friendly wildflower seeds for the garden. This selection of bee attracting wildflower seeds provides bees with a wide variety of pollen and nectar sources resulting in happy healthy bees! Best sown during spring and early summer.
  • Lovely garden design tea mug infuser (3 piece). Great to relax with a mug of tea after some sertious gardening!

This gift is packaged in a reusable wooden box with lid, decorated with ribbon.

The perfect gardener gift!




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