Gardener mug and honey gift

Gardener mug and honey gift


Gardener gift with mug and honey

A lovely gardener gift - a little something to sooth the soul.

What's included?

  • Nudi Point "Make it all better" healing balm. Naturally antibiotic, anti-septic anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. "Make it all better" has superior healing properties from everything from eczema to rashes to cracked skin. But not only that, this will be your life saver if your little ones get an insect bite, rash, or burn. The vast selection of natural ingredients are too many to name, but but work together to provide you will all you need to be all better again.
  • Nudi Point "Honey, mind your beeswax" soap. Alongside all the usual ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and olice oil, this body bar comes with a generous helping of NZ Manuka honey  and beeswax. Leaves your skin feeling (and smelling) amazing.
  • Urban Honeybee Project honey (340g) harvested from the Christchurch Urban landscape. Christchurch Botanical Honey is the result of inner city bees that have foraged throughout Christchurch's parks and neighbourhood gardens in search of the perfect nectar source. This honey is 100% local, (minimal food miles) and seasonally unique to its location and never to be repeated. The honey is extracted, creamed, packed by hand into jars and labelled. It is not blended, overheated or fine filtered. 
  • Urban honeybee project bee friendly wildflower seeds for the garden. Honeybees contribute to over one third of our global food supply through pollination. This selection of bee attracting wildflower seeds provides bees with a wide variety of pollen and nectar sources resulting in happy healthy bees! Best sown during spring and early summer.
  • Beautiful gardening theme mug (296ml).

OPTION OF INCLUDING: A set of Joseph Bentley garden tools

Our gifts are packaged in an open box or tray and covered with recyclable clear cello. We finish the gift off with a lovely ribbon and add your personal note (please don't forget this at checkout).

If any item is out of stock, we will replace it with an equivalent item of the same or higher value.

This gardener mug and honey gift makes the perfect gardener gift!




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