Stress relief gift for her

Stress relief gift for her

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Stress relief gift for her


A gift for her, packed with stress busters!


Included in her gift:

  • Chamomile lemon & Manuka honey tea bags (20)
  • Nudi Point "It must be lavender" soap bar. The "Queen" of essential oils, mainly because lavender is good for just about anything. Calm your mind and wash your cares away with this delightfully aromatic bar. Use before bedtime to help with falling asleep and having sweet dreams.
  • Nudi Point "Nutty-Coco Lavender-Loco" body butter. Before you slip into bed after a hard day, rub some of this beautiful butter over your body for an even better night's sleep. The lavender will help calm your mind and promote happy dreams, and you will wake up with wonderfully nourished skin, ready to face the day ahead.
  • Nudi Point "Little bottle of calm". Sometimes life gets a little crazy and all you feel like doing is crawling up into a little ball and getting away from it all. If you have a special someone who would do anything to help, this bottle of relaxing massage oil will be your favourite thing to have beside your bed. With the undeniably impressive relaxing powers of Pure Lavender Essential Oil, you can allow yourself to drift away and feel your worries disappear, one by one. Use just before bed for a wonderful night's sleep.
    • Linen Smith and Co. tinned candle. A handcrafted natural wax candle with a heavenly blend of essential oils.
    • Molly Woppy traditional shortbread bites. REPLACED WITH Molly Woppy passion fruit shortbread bites.
    • 2 Devonport chocolate slabs (caramel and Marlborough sea salt, white chocolate with raspberries)
    • Finn's chocolate flavoured fudge bar

    This gift is packaged in a reusable wooden box with lid, decorated with ribbon.

    Stress relief gift for her - the perfect calming gift!




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