Wellness Gift

Wellness Gift


The perfect get well gift!

A lovely healiing gift with soothing soup, honey, tea and pamper products

What's included?

  • Healtheries caffeine-free Wellness Echinacea & Lemon Tea. Refreshing and pleasant flavoured blend of Echinacea and Lemon. The perfect warmer for the winter months. Nature's wellbeing support.
  • Nudi Point "Make it all better" healing balm. Naturally anti-biotic, anti-septic anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. "Make it all better" has superior healing properties from everything from eczema to rashes to cracked skin. But not only that, this will be your life saver if your little ones get an insect bite, rash, or burn. The vast selection of natural ingredients are too many to name, but but work together to provide you will all you need to be all better again.
  • Nudi Point "Healing me softly" body bar. A super healing and very gentle body bar to help with all types of skin problems (eczema, rashes, itchy skin, etc). Packed with some of nature's best medicinal ingredients, this one will become your best friend.
  • Nudi Point "Damage Control" massage oil. Crammed with essential oils to relieve pain. This massage oil has anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties.
  • Nudi Point "Nailed it" cuticle butter. If you need some help with your cuticles or nails, look no further! It's no wonder the three wise men present Myrrh as one of the precious gifts - the magical healing properties of this essential oil, along with Lemon and Lavender (with Shea butter, Mango butter, Coconut oil and vitamin E to assist) will get your hands looking happy and healthy.
  • J Friend & Co Manuka 10+ honey. High in antioxidant activity and unique non peroxide activity, (not found in any other variety of honey). This honey can be taken orally for stomach complaints, colds and mouth ulcers or applied externally for effective repair of cuts and burns. Manuka honey is naturally high in peroxide activity and also has antioxidant, anti viral, antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, it contains more vitamins, minerals and amino acids than other types of honey. Manuka honey has been proven to help boost the immune system.
    • Molly Woppy cookies (flavour may vary).
    • Canterbury Nuts roasted hazelnuts (70g). REPLACED WITH She Univers chocolate rolled hazelnuts 100g

    Our gifts are packaged in an open box or tray and covered with recyclable clear cello. We finish the gift off with a lovely ribbon and add your personal note (please don't forget this at checkout).

    If any item is out of stock, we will replace it with an equivalent item of the same or higher value.

    Our wellness gift is the perfect get well soon gift!




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